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Submission Guideline


We ask that authors follow these basic guidelines when submitting to ICEC. In essence, you should format your paper exactly like this document. The easiest way to use this template is to replace the placeholder content with your own material. The template file contains specially formatted styles (e.g., Normal, Heading, Bullet, References, Title) that are designed to reduce the work in formatting your final submission.

Page Size

On each page, your material (not including the header and footer) should fit within a rectangle of 210 × 297 mm (8.27 × 11.69 in.), centered on an A4 page, beginning 1.9 cm (.75 in.) from the top of the page. Please adhere to the A4 size only (hopefully Word or other word processors can help you with it). If you cannot do so, please contact the review coordinator for assistance. All final publications will be formatted and displayed in A4 size. Right margins should be justified, not ragged. All margins must measure 1” (2.5 cm) around. Beware, especially when using this template on a Macintosh, Word may change these dimensions in unexpected ways.


Each type of submission (completed research papers, research-in-progress papers) has specific page length requirements. See additional requirements specific to each type of submission. Any submission that exceeds page length limits will be rejected without review.

Completed research papers must not exceed eight (8) single-spaced pages and research-in-progress papers must not exceed eight (8) single-spaced pages. The page limit includes everything – the cover page (which contains the title, abstract and keywords), all text, figures, tables, references and appendices.


Your paper’s title should be in Times New Roman 20-point bold. Ensure proper capitalization within your title (i.e. “The Next Frontier of Information Systems” versus “the next frontier of Information systems.”

Additional submission guidelines can be found in the word file.