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Conference Program

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A Track

Tutorial A1 AI, DX, R&D (Chair: Kyoung jun Lee (Kyung Hee University)) Room 9 / 9:00~10:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
1AI Sharing without sharing Data: Research Findings & Business ModelsKyoung Jun Lee
2Focus on Customer : Data-Driven Customer Experience RedesignKyung Jin Cha
3An innovative approach to evaluating and selecting system for performance enhancement of SMEs’ R&D projects supported by governmentHyung Sung Chang
Tutorial A2 Amazon, Gartner (Chair: Prof. Kyung Jin Cha (Hanyang University)) Room 9 / 13:30~15:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
1Accelerate Digital Experience TransformationChoi,Youn
2Amazon A9 & A10 Algorithms that Make Amazon Sellers Laugh and CryJu-young Seo
3ICAN: icon-based coding education software for all agesByungseok Kang
Academic Forum A3 Bright Internet and Emerging Technologies (Chair: Prof. Daegon Cho(KAIST)) Room 9 / 16:00~17:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
1Cryptocurrency Price Fluctuations and Prices of Non-Fungible Tokens: Empirical Evidence from OpenSea Jaehyeong Park, Daegon Cho
2Will Cryptocurrency-Based Loyalty Programs Thrive as the Coin Price Rises?Euro Bae, Hyeokkoo Eric Kwon, Jaywon Lee, Daegon Cho
3Quantifying Knowledge Synchronization in the 21st centuryJisung Yoon, Jinseo Park, Jinhyuk Yun, Woo-Sung Jung

B Track Special Session

Special Session B1 Intelligence Award I (Chair: Seungbum Park(Hoseo University)) Room 5&6 / 9:00~10:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
1My DATA Driven by AIJongKwon Ham
2Super Simple AI Logistics CompetitivenessJin Soo Park
3AI CuC, AI-Based Contactless business support solutionBeekei, PARK
4Caremind Dreams of the FuteureYoonje, Shin
5Demonstration of AI-based Energy Efficiency Platform for ResortsJohn Lee, Ph. D.
Special Session B2 Seoul Digital Foundation (Chair: Team leader Younghyun Kim(Seoul Digital Foundation)) Room 5&6 / 14:00~15:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
1Analyzing Environmental effects the Park and Green Space on Urban area : A Case of Using Dense IoT Infrastructure in SeoulJihye Park
2The Impact of Enforcement of The Serious Accident Punishment Act in the Digital TechnologyKo Seoltae
3A Study on the Location of the Public Wi-Fi Hot Place Based on the Analysis of the Floating Population in Time and Space : Seoul Metropolitan GovernmentTae-Houn Ji
4A Study on the Introduction and use of GeoAI-based urban change detection serviceSujin Back
5A Study on the Elderly-friendly Digital Accessibility GuidelineMinjung Kang
Special Session B3 Intelligence Award II (Chair: Seungbum Park(Hoseo University)) Room 5&6 / 16:00~17:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
1Generative AI-based Virtual Identity Service and SolutionJintae Han
2A System for Detecting Changes in Agricultural Land and Calculating the Area Using GeoAIMin-young Lee
3E-commerce, which is popular these days, uses these technologies.Shin Hyun Kyu
4SaaS-based industrial AIoT serviceLIM Dae Geun
5Artificial intelligence-based sewage pipeline defect detection systemKo Seoltae
Special Sesseion D2-2 WeGO (Chair: Jung Sook Park, WeGO Secretary General) Room 8 / 13:30~15:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
1Welcome to World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGo) Eunbyul Elena Cho

ICEC Paper Session

ICEC-Paper Session C1 Social Media (Chair: Ning Yi Yang, Professor, National Taiwan University) Room 3&4 / 9:00~10:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
C1.1How Social Media Capability Influence the Firm Performance of SMEs: The Moderating Role of Social CRM System AdoptionNing-Yi Yang, Choon Ling Sia
C1.2How Destination Marketing on Social Media Affects Behavioral IntentionIvelina Ilieva, Spring Han
C1.3How to Choose the Right Person? Social Media Marketing Optimization FrameworkKitae Kim, Sung-Hyuk Park
C1.4Understanding the Usage of In-app Community in Photo and Video Editing appsNing-Yi Yang, Choon Ling Sia
C1.5Understand Users’ Sharing and Continuance Intention toward Commodity-Oriented AR Filters on Social Media: an Integrated Perspective of Stimulus-Organism-Response TheoryNing-Yi Yang, Choon Ling Sia
C1.6Exploring Changes in Sharing Experiences to Social Media: Focusing on the Case of Domestic Tourists in Jeju Island before and after Covid-19Unchan Park, Minha Choi, and KyungJin Cha
ICEC-Paper Session C2 E-Commerce Strategy (Chair: Jong Ki Kim, Professor, Pusan National University) Room 3&4 / 13:30~15:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
C2.1The Effects of Social Influence on Consumer Behaviors in Social Commerce from Innovation AttributivesLi Zhao, Yun Xu, Xu Xu
C2.2Feeling Close: The Role of Psychological Distance in Augmented Reality-Enabled E-commerce ExperiencesJun Liu, Zhao Du, Tianjiao Wang, Guode Sun
C2.3The Impact of E-Commerce Capability and Managerial Ability on Export PerformanceIlham Ait Bouazza
C2.4The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Customer Relationship Management Performance in e-Commerce EnterprisesLei Li, Wenyi Luo, Jiabao Lin
C2.5Can Social Commerce Platforms Retain Users? The Perspectives of Technological Environments and Perceived Values of Generation ZZiqing Xu, Zhenhua Ye, Angela K-F Ma
C2.6Consumer Engagement and Reuse Intention Through Content Type in Mobile CommerceMing Wang, Jaewon Choi
ICEC-Paper Session C3 ICEC-Paper Session C3: Recommender System (Chair: Liquo Lou, Professor, Ningbo University of Technology) Room 3&4 / 16:00~17:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
C3.1Incorporating Price Preferences for Product Recommendations in Electronic CommerceHan Chen, Weiwei Deng
C3.2A multimodal Deep Learning Approach for Online Course RecommendationWeiwei Deng, Lingjun Fu, Han Chen
C3.3TransformRec: User-Centric Recommender System for e-Commerce Using TransformerKyoung Jun Lee, Yujeong Hwangbo, Hokyoung Jung, Baek Jeong, Jong Il Park
C3.4Multi-dimension Recommender System based on Hotel Selection Attribute Provided by TripAdvisor Online ReviewsKyungmo Kang, Yugyeong Son, Seungwoo Lee, Jaekyeong Kim
C3.5AMPER(Aim-Measure-Predict-Evaluate-Recommend): The Paradigm of Digital MeKyoung Jun Lee, Baek Jeong, Yujeong Hwangbo, Youngchan Kim, Sungwon Bae, Taehoon Baek
C3.6Analyzing the Impact of Components of Yelp.com on Recommender System PerformanceSeungwoo Lee, Hyunjoo Shin, Kyungmo Kang, Jaekyeong Kim

KIISS Paper Session

KIISS-Paper Session D Cryptocurrency & Fintech 1 (Chair: Tae Ho Hong, Professor, Pusan National Univeristy) Room 2 / 9:00~10:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
1CNN based Robot Advisor for the investment of CryptocurrencyJonggwan Won, Taeho Hong
2An Analysis of the Information Flow of Thematic Cryptocurrencies and Tokens Using Transfer Entropy and Network TopologyInsu Choi, Junhyeop Lee, Younghwan Cho, Hyunsu Choi, Woo Chang Kim
3Domain Knowledge Incorporated Counterfactual Example-based Explanation for Bankruptcy Prediction ModelSoo Hyun Cho
KIISS-Paper Session D2-2 Cryptocurrency & Fintech 2 (Chair: Soon Young Oh, KB Bank) Room 2 / 13:30~15:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
1In-depth research on the application of blockchain in the metaverseShengJuan Zhao, Dengsheng Yu, GyooGun Lim
2Analysis of NFT diversity trends using topic modeling and SNAHee-young Joe, Na-yeon Kim, Ho-yeon Park
3A Study on the service quality factors perceived by users mobile banking service : Analysis of user review using Combined Topic Model and Sentiment analysisMin Ji Kim, Kyung jin Cha
4KB-BERT: Training and Application of Korean Pre-trained Language Model in Financial DomainDonggyu Kim, Dongwook Lee, Jangwon Park(KB Bank TechGroup Finance AI Center)
5Analysis of Local Currency Issues using Text MiningSoonhyoung Park, Soongoo Hong
KIISS-Paper Session D3 Natural Language Processing: NLP (Chair: Seung Ik Beak, Professor, Hanyang University) Room 2 / 16:00~17:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
1AI meaning detection BIO taggingKim, Won Hoi
2Exploring the Effects of Corporate Organizational Culture on Financial Performance : Using Word2Vec model and Panel DataHan Sol Kim, Hye min Kim, Seung Ik Baek
3An Exploration of MIS Quarterly Research Trends: Applying Topic Modeling and Keyword Network AnalysisEunkyung Kang, Yeonsik Jung, Seonuk Yang, Jiyoon Kwon, Sung-Byung Yang
4Proposal of Youth Policy Agenda Using Internet Community CommentsSu-Gyeong Roh, Soon-Goo Hong, Ji-Won Lim
KIISS-Paper Session E1 AI & Deep-Learning 1 (Chair : Hyun Chul Ahn, Professor, Kookmin University) Room 1 / 9:00~10:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
1Automated Machine Learning Using Transaction Data Kyeongbin Park, Yoonho Cho
2Improving particulate matter prediction performance using reconstruction errorYoungkwang Kim
3Data Proliferation Techniques through Shape DeformationKyounglim Cho, Minyoung Lee, Inchoel Shin
4AI-Connect Protocol: A New Federated Deep Learning Method for User-Centric AI ServiceSeoung-Ho Choi, Baek Jeong, YuJeong Hwangbo, Kyung Yang Park, Kyoung Jun Lee
5Multivariate time series traffic anomaly detection with Prediction & AutoEncoderJunghyeon Lee, Koosup Jeong, Wooju Kim
KIISS-Paper Session E2 AI & Deep-Learning 2 (Chair : Hyuk Jin Kwon, Professor, Seoul Tech) Room 1 / 14:00~15:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
1Skin cancer detection using a hybrid model of deep learning and machine learningSunkyung Jeong, Jiyoung Woo
2A Study on the Visual Art Image Retrieval Using Vision Transformer and K-NN Triplet MiningJunghyun Gan, Wooju kim
3A Study for Data Center integration failure analysis using CEP.Hyunjong Shin, Sungkeun Kim, Byoungwhan Chun, Seungjeong Yang
4Deepfake Detection using masked autoencoder -transformer with Squeeze and Excitation BlockDongjae Park , Wooju Kim
5Multivariate time series traffic anomaly detection with Prediction & AutoEncoderJunghyeon Lee, Koosup Jeong, Wooju Kim
KIISS-Paper Session E3 Recommender System & AI (Chair: Nam Gyu Kim, Professor, Kookmin University) Room 1 / 16:00~17:50 (KST, GMT+9)
NO Title Speaker
1Resort Cross-Selling Prediction Model using Explainable Artificial Intelligence TechniquesKang Boram, Ahn Hyunchul
2Nonlinear Vector Alignment Methodology for Mapping Domain-Specific Terminology into General SpaceJunwoo Kim, Byungho Yoon, Namgyu Kim
3Effect of Data Scaling Methods on Bankruptcy PredictionChanWoo Song, SeungGyu Ann, JongHyun Park, Hyunchul Ahn
4Exploring the Determinants of Online Education Contents Use using Machine Learning and SHAP TechniquesChanwoo Song, SeungGyu Ann, Jonghyun Park, Hyunchul Ahn
5Anomaly Detection Methodology Based on Multimodal Deep LearningDongHoon Lee, Namgyu Kim
6A Multi-Criteria Recommender System Using Semi-supervised Aspect-based Sentiment AnalysisPark, Dong Jun / Chung, YeoJin
7Class Imbalance Resolution Method Using Cluster Analysis and Classification Algorithm Recommendation MethodJeonghun Kim, Kee-Young Kwahk